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A webcomic of Doctor Who Crack

Whooligans: a webcomic of Doctor Who crack
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So who, or what, is a Whooligan? A Whooligan is to take a silly idea spawned from the new Doctor Who series, usually involving the Tenth Doctor and Rose (oh, who are we kidding, its always the Doctor and Rose), and giving it for. The original Whooligans is a series of non sequitur, stand alone comics, often one or two panels, involving the Doctor being abused in a delightful manner, drawn by the notorious fandom crack addict, Jess Idres.

This community has been set up both to archive those comics, and encourage others to get in on the act. It will also host crack!bunny contests, tutorials on drawing your own crack, and perhaps some horrible Doctor/Rose fluff.

The community is moderated, but only just- Just to make sure it stays in the True form of a Whooligan.

You've been warned. Nice knowing you!

whenthedocsmeet: When the Doctors meet: Doctor Who crack at its finest.

the_spdn: VIVA THE PRAIRE DOG NETWORK! Home of the Doctor/Rose Newsletter.

For more Jess Idres art, see http://www.yin-and-yang.com and http://jesidres.deviantart.com