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Auditions Begin

I am now auditioning people for a new roleplay community, soon to be created!! Click the LJ for details.

We need a-

Captain Jack
Doctor #9
Rose Tyler
Mickey Smith
Owen Harper
Gwen Cooper
Toshiko Sato
Martha Jones
Donna Noble
Amy Pond
Rory Williams
Sarah Jane Smith
& Maria

I will also accept submissions for the roles of-

Jackie Tyler
Rhys Williams
The Master
The Daleks
The Cybermen
Wilfred Mott
River Song
Mr. Smith
& Jenny

How to audition? Simply write a short one-shot in the character's POV, and state why you want to play said character. Doesn't have to be extensive or anything, just enough to show that you can play the character well.

Note that the second list may or may not be included in the roleplay community. 

You may submit more than one audtion, (i.e., you want to audition for Captain Jack and Clyde), but you will only be elligeble for ONE part. 

What IS a roleplay anyway? 

A roleplay is a community where you have a character and you play them, creating stories and interacting with the other characters, making them do things that they normally wouldn't do. (Like, Rhys and Jack having sex.)

I would like to try keeping everyone in character for the most part, as in, Donna still has to have her humor, but she can still be banging Mickey, idc.)

Basically, a continuous and ever-evolving fanfic with MANY different authors. Please audtion, just enter the submission in a comment below.

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