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One Last Time (1/1)

This is the only time (I think) that I will do any commenting here about the finale. So, uh, yeah...MASSIVE SPOILERS. And so, SO ivydoor's fault. SHE FORCED ME TO WRITE THIS.

Title: One Last Time.
Rating: PG.
Characters: Doctor/Rose, Donna.
Beta: ivydoor
Summary: It's...not quite a fix-it. Just a minific to explain some odd lines in the finale.
Notes: This really just popped in my head as I finished watching the finale and the confidential. Two lines and suddenly, BANG- I was a fic mamma again.

EDIT: Actually, apparently I had a fever of 100.8 when writing this. So now it's confirmed I'm so cracked out I write BETTER when feverish and delusional.

EDIT 2: I'm floored on the response to the story. For everyone who recc'd this, I thank you, if I didn't already comment, squish you in massive hug!


After all the regenerations, he was finally dying for the last time, he knew. No more new faces, no more surviving by the skin of his teeth. Now, at the end of his timeline, he knew all that awaited him was nothingness.

Time Lords had no illusions about what happened at the end. There was no white light, no afterlife for him to see old friends and family. When your 'time' was up, that was it. The end was the End.

So he waited in the dark for the end of feeling, end of thought. He welcomed it. No more regrets sounded lovely. No more running away from them/him/her….


But his senses felt the familiar burning, growing, spinning, glowing of the regeneration. No. Nonono…NO. He had passed the last hurdle, he was DONE. How dare the universe bring him back?

But there was a familiarity of this pulse, these memories he was passing through….where did they come from? They weren’t his… And the fingers he twitched…. And then suddenly the familiarity was gone, and the regeneration went in a direction he’d never remembered before…


Screaming in both the pain of the regeneration and the utter despair of being forced to continue on, his eyes ripped open. But…but…He knew this place, this time. This is not where he died. This was not when he died.

And then he saw, and he KNEW. Donna (So, so sorry), the broken jar (Brilliant!), the burning TARDIS (forgive me). He didn’t know how (Bad Wolf?), he didn’t know why (Yes he did), but he knew what to do.

“It’s you!”

“Oh YES.”


Donna had almost discovered the truth, when she laid her hand upon his breast. But he was good at lying…very, very good at lying. Better than he’d been when he’d last been in this body.

He fooled them all, even Rose. So he waited, a piece of the coral stashed in his pocket (The TARDIS had known, she had always known), and watched his old self run away again. But he didn’t need to. Not anymore.

He grinned at Rose, and dried her tears. He leaned down, but missed her lips to rest at her ear.
“It’s me. It’s really me. Don’t mourn me then. Because know this:

I came back, for one last ride… for you.”

The Beginning...


this fic has since inspired much more talented writers to continue the tale, and they collectively can be found at one_more_run.
Tags: crack, fic
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