Jess Idres (jesidres) wrote in whooligan,
Jess Idres

DA page restored!

Tags: news
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And there was much rejocing

Thats great news Jess, nice to know that hacker didn't win out in the end, and that you got your acount back. Way to go girl.

YOU'RE BACK!!!!! *glomptackles*
Yay! I knew you'd get back eventually!
I'm so happy for you. :)
I'm so glad for you!!!!
I was wondering if you'd like to affiliate with my community, a fanfiction fest for the couple of the Doctor/Rose called onetrueshipfest?
I'm so glad you managed to get your account and your work back. I absolutely love your work and I always try to keep an eye out for it when I get the chance (Sadly with three kids and partner who may as well be the fourth its not often enough that I get the chance!).

Are you able to do anything about it, I don't know can't the police do something? If you got that spam e-mail then surely it's harrassment or something? I hope that hacker gets what they deserve.

From what I've heard it was quite nasty.

Again i'm sorry to hear that you've had such trouble and I'm glad that you've got it sorted.