Tracy (snuffykin) wrote in whooligan,

crocheted chibi!Rose doll & scooter

There was a really cute story from last summer's chibiverse challenge by scooter_vincent  in which the chibi!Rose and chibi!Ten ride round the TARDIS on a toy scooter. Sooo... one year later, I've finally finished crocheting 50's Rose as well as the Doctor doll, and now they have a chibi!scooter. Rose is about 8" high and Ten is about 9.5".

"Hiii!"  :D

The Doctor and Rose

Oh no!  :0 

Rose! Where's your face gone?!

Proud of the hair... :)

Rose - 50's hair back

Lastly, the chibi!scoot!

medium crocheted Who scooter

More photos and pattern for Rose
More photos and info about scooter
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